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Single Jersey Four-color Striper Knitting Machine
Product Name: Full Computer-Aided Fancy Yarns Spinning & Twisting Machine

Product Description:

This machine is suitable for cotton sliver, roving or chemical filament fiber, natural silk, which use various kinds of fibers wool, cotton and hemp,etc.) with length of 38-220mm as raw materials. It can be used to turn out ordinary type, overfed type and controlled type fancy yams, such as parallel yarns, fancy plain yarns wave yarns, loopy yarns bunchy yarns, slubby yarns, cable yarns, and fascinated yarns,etc. The machine can be also be used for spinning of various Kinds of composite yarns.

Characteristics of machine
  • The whole machine is controlled by the computer and hte data setup, adjustment, display and electric control are all relized though the touching screen. There fore, the process adjustment is very convenient, simple and reliable.

  • The main thread roller, intermediate & rear roller, front roller, output roller, hollow spindle and elevating forming are separately  controlled by the frequency converter. The speed can be changed freely and sleeplessly.

  • The fancy yarns are produced through one-step process, which will use 230 cradle for pressurizing, hollow spindle for twisting and ring spindle for detwisting.

  • It adopts advanced high-speed hollow spindles with small amplitude, large bearing capacity and convenient adjustment.

  • The elastic fiber Urethane elastic fiber) input device is the optional component for spinning elastic  fancy yarns mixed by 4 yarns.

  • The grooved drum winding can be purchased on selection or be added according to the products requirements.

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