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S.R. Kaura Hosiery Works (Regd.)
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Product Name: Single Jersey Electronic Jacquard Knitting Machine
Product Size:
Diameter Feeder Gauge Speed
30"-34" 64F/72F 18G-24G 12-18r.p.m

Product Description:

  • Single computer jacquard machine is the integration of multi-precision machinery manufacturing technology and knitting principle, accompanied by internationally renowned WAC microelectronic control needle agencies, independent development of the new series of circular knitting machine. The main core of the machine is an advanced computer-controlled system, which can be carried out in a full range of syringe needle, and can be made into a ring, set rings and three power-bit float needle, thereby weaving a broader pattern The jacquard fabric.

  • Sophisticated computer control system can control the weave out of the pre-designed complex patterns and designs, but also has human memory function. Through the high-tech man-machine interface LCD touch screen can easily change and modify the internal procedures, and thus convenient, quick change patterns and patterns in order to adapt to the changing market demands.

  • Needles of imported materials, inserts a special alloy steel, more unique design, precision machining and special heat treatment after made, making jacquard films, Ting-pin chips and knitting needles in the syringes with precision tank, sports comfortable, durable durable.
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