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Product Name:F20-133S-F20-3-Type Computerized Flat Knitting Machine

Product Description:

  • Gauge: 5G, 6G, 7G, 9G, 10G, 12G, 14G, 15G, 16G and 5.7 change gauge.
  • Knitting width: 52/45 53 56 (inches).
  • Knitting speed: 32 options, AC servo motor control, the maximum speed of 1.2M / s, the use of servo motors and precision feedback control combined with high-speed computing power of digital signal processing (DSP), produces precision control IGBT current output.
  • Knitting system: Single head, the three systems.
  • Weaving function: turn the needle, hanging head, pick holes, no dash applique, jacquard, that received acupuncture, needles and other dark irregular income pattern weaving.
  • Needle bed shift: AC servo motor control, moving the needle range 2 inches, with a precise fine-tuning.
  • Alarm System probe: Probe alarm safety device to achieve a top to bottom, left and right swing alarm system, breaking the current in the field of cross-machine probe a single swing to achieve its detection features.
  • Read pin signal: advanced encoder read needle.
  • From the end device (S series configuration): the use of closed-type compound needle hook, the yarn can be a reliable grip and release.
  • Scissors Clip (S series configuration): includes 2 pair of scissors, four clips, each individually controlled by six motors, respectively, on both sides of the needle bed, program instructions can be simultaneously or separately, to further improve efficiency, effective reduce waste yarn.
  • Turned the needle functions: triangular composite design, systems can individually turn each needle, knitting, hanging head, not woven, to achieve efficient production.
  • Coil Density: stepper motor control, 32 densities, using the subdivision adjustable range :0-650, more accurately control the length of the garment.
  • Sinker system: stepper motor control, can be adjusted according to different fabrics to achieve a variety of income effects of needle and the needle.
  • Takedown system: computer program instructions, stepping motor control, 32 pull options, adjustable range 0 - 100. (15) color system: 2 * 8 configuration yarn around the four sides of rail can be anywhere in the needle bed to switch yarn (no dash applique prepare special yarn special device).
  • Protection system: When the machine occurred during the break in the action yarn, knot, floating yarn, rewind, number of pieces over, did not return the moving bed, hit the pin, bugs, etc., automatic alarm; and has a safety from lock protection device.
  • Control system: 1 screen: 7-inch LCD industrial monitors, mechanical buttons / touch screen dual-purpose film, graphical interface, with USB and network transmission, the system memory up to 2G, can also store a large number of pattern file, and can be called up according to production needs to use. 2 monitor screen: can Chinese, English, Arabic and other languages ​​to switch the display of various operating parameters and running the machine at any time be adjusted to maximize the ease of operation. 3-plate system and control system (software part) intuitive, easy to upgrade.
  • Networking: Fast Ethernet (ETHERNET), woven materials can upload, download and share.
  • Power: Single phase 220V / three phase 380V, using advanced CMOS technology, with memory and instant power failure recovery. (20) volume weight: L * W * H: 2750 * 950 * 2050 mm Net weight: 1250 Kg
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