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S.R. Kaura Hosiery Works (Regd.)
Opp. Singar Cinema,Samrala Road, Ludhiana (IN)

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Product Name:F16-Automatic Collar Turning Machine Needle Weaving Computer Knitting Machine

Product Description:

  • Width: 52,66 inches (special specifications can be customized)
  • Gauge: 5G, 7G, 9G, 12G, 14G, 16G.
  • Weaving speed: frequency control, six file control, any adjustment (operator panel display) the fastest up to 1.6 m / s .
  • Color: 6 colors can be a half-converted color.
  • Delta: (front - rear) Zhongshan hanging mesh, low-pin-pin system.
  • Moving bed: stepper motor control, so the 3 stitches, adjust the unit is 0.5 pin (one or more times moving, regardless of left and right)
  • Pattern be kept: programmable 18 flowers, each flower model stores up to 9999 lines (wild card can save the four patterns, can be moved to the inside card).
  • Stop Motion: Yarn break knot off (hit) needle, drop cloth, floating head, the density motor, the moving bed motor, voltage instability (frequency protection).
  • Control system: patterns, step, moving bed, rolling, weaving speed, number.
  • Transmission: belt reciprocating movement, arbitrary regulation Knitting Width.
  • Adjusted to confidentiality: section 1-400 fine-tune the stepper motor (8 control).
  • Power, Motor: 220V, three-wire 0.55KW.
  • Has rules to automatically turn the needle, needle turn around the high, high pin turn, full pin turn. This equipment must be securely grounded △
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